Language Training


Landa Language Training (LLT) specializes in the languages GERMAN, FRENCH, ENGLISH, SPANISH and DUTCH at administration, management- and directorial level. 


Landa Language Training focuses on the needs of its clients and offers ‘one to one’ training without loss of time travelling the road. Landa gives its language training always online (mostly over Skype).

Landa puts together training courses that ensure that you can perform your current job in the target language.

The language courses focuse on

- oral language

- written language (preparation of e-mails, reports...)

- expansion of vocabulary with focus on professional jargon

- the most commonly used grammatical constructions

- etc.

The implementation plan, which is drawn up in advance in consultation with the client, contains only those aspects that are necessary for the client himself. That makes the training for every client unique and customized.

Landa also provides a general improvement of the target language, so that you can express yourself spontaneously in this language in addition to your professional activity.


The goal of Landa Language Training is improving your language level without having to do any ‘homework’. 1 or 2 Skype meetings a week will lead you to the desired results!

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